How to choose the right words to say Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Card message ideas:

Finding the right words......
Staying in touch with the important people in our lives can be difficult...busy busy busy rush rush rush......
For many people expressing their emotions and feelings on paper can be very daunting..It doesn't need to be, after all, the words themselves are not nearly as important as the thought behind them....Your thoughtfulness reaches out to the people you care about and reminds them that you are in their thoughts and heart...
Here's a few gift card message ideas you may like to use for your next gift card!!

Birthday Gift card ideas:

-You know those memories that make you laugh out loud? I hope you make many new ones today.Happy Birthday!
-Enjoy all the love and affection that comes your way today, you deserve it!
-Your loving heart brightens the lives of all who know you. May this be your happiest birthday ever.
-Hoping happy dreams and magical moments surround you on your special day.
-There are exactly 86,400 seconds in your birthday.Enjoy every one!

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