New Bundle of Joy

New Bundle of Joy

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Fussing over the new baby often leaves mum and dad a bit forgotten. Our experts have put together a basket that should make the whole family happy. Your recipient will receive a snug Baby Wrap, an adorable Plush Dog, organic products with Crackers, delicious Brie Cheese, mouthwatering Camembert, and so much more. 

Gift Contents:

-'Alluring Linens' baby fleece blanket; 
-'Bubba Blue' Baby Wrap; 
- Puppy dog soft toy; 
- Pack of 56 organic cotton safety baby ear buds; 
- Eco Baby Soap; 
- Box of 'Simply Fine Foods' organic lavoche crackers 60 gr; 
-'Rosenborg' Brie Cheese 125 gr; 
-'Rosenborg' Camembert Cheese 125 gr; 
- Pack of raw almonds 100 gr; 
- Pack of exotic dried fruit mix 100 gr; 
- 8 milk chocolate truffles; 
- Gift Wrapping; 
- Greeting Card.